Resurrection Theater

Resurrection Theater is finally here!

Musical theater comes to Rockstars Of Tomorrow in this very exciting and interactive theater group. Take the stage with other actors, vocalists, and musicians bringing scenes from famous musicals to life. Spend the next 4 months perfecting your work and end the session with a sold out night in our theater performing for your friends, family, and the community. Guaranteed to be a massive amount of fun!

Work on stage in our theater.
• Sing, Act, Move.
• Reenact famous scenes from musicals.
• End your session with a live musical performance!
• Make new friends and have fun.
• Monthly class / 4 month session.
• 1.5 hours every Wednesday. (4:30pm to 6:00pm)
• Only $125 per month.
• All ages welcome.

Must love to sing, act, and be ready to have lots of fun! Register now or stop by to find out more about this super fun group.