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This is only an example post so we can better visualize what a blog post might look like. We can always edit or delete it, or start a new one. Blog posts are great for sharing news and upcoming events with friends, fans, press, and other followers. It’s also a great way to share new songs, videos, links and other awesome content. Blog posts automatically format themselves for certain post types, such as video, photo, audio, or text-only to make the content easier to read and put calls to action where they are most effective.

Categories are a great way to make posts more engaging and searchable. For example, we can add a navigation link that will show users post from only the Norco school or Rancho school if they desire; or let’s say we only wanna see posts about the upcoming All-Stars events, categories makes that easy and intuitive. It’s important that site admins make good use of this feature when they post new content so our followers can stay well informed.

User are encouraged to leave a reply on individual posts of our choosing which spurs conversation between admins, users, and followers for greater communication. This also helps admins see which topics and content is most popular and why. WordPress in general is a fantastic source for collecting user data about what aspects of a company’s branding, marketing, or products are performing well and with who, and why.

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